National Institute of Plant Genome Research

NIPGR Present Open Tender :
CPPP-Tender IDTender No.Tender DetailsClosing Date
2014_MST_242466_1 5/42/AC/Maint./2014-15/NIPGR/ENGG Invitation of quotations for Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Windows AC 1.5 TR 3 star for NIPGR.
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2014_MST_242458_1 11-14/2015/NIPGR/S and P Invitation of quotations for Purchase and installation of fish net, nylon net, bamboos etc., at NIPGR.
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2014_MST_241511_1 6/68/SS/PMC/2014-15/NIPGR/Engg. Invitation of quotations for Supply and installation of 02 volts 100 Ah batteries for DC Control supply Main substation, NIPGR.
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2014_MST_241358_1 NIPGR/EQ/131/08-09 Invitation of quotations for Purchase and installation of SMF batteries 12V/ 18AH under buy back scheme.
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2014_MST_238197_1 8/2014/NIPGR/SandP NIQ for supply and installation of Computer, UPS and Printer at NIPGR.
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2014_MST_237875_1 9/2015/NIPGR/S and P NIQ for outsourcing of transcriptome sequencing of five samples.
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2014_MST_237424_1 NIPGR/7/14 Invitation of quotations for Design, supply, installation and commissioning of cold room (low Temperature) at NIPGR.
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